Name: Leonie Schuster
Age: 20
Place of birth: Bamberg
Job: Student

Jule: You study retail textile management business administration. How would you describe that? 
Leonie: I’m learning about the basics of business administration and retail. We also deal with fashion topics in depth in various modules such as “textile feedstock and materials” and “product range design”. 
Jule: That sounds quite diverse, but also very theoretical. What made you decide to study management instead of fashion design? 
LeonieBecause I firmly believe that the management programme is more comprehensive, which means that I’m less restricted. Studying business administration has better prepared me and given me more opportunities to work in the textile industry. 
Jule: Tell us about the work-study system. What is your training like? 
LeonieThe work-study programme is composed of theoretical and practice phases in blocks. You spend around three months each semester at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Heilbronn learning theoretical concepts that are important for training in the fashion industry. Then you spend three months at your partner company. This way you can get a feeling for important areas of the company.
Jule: That sounds very exciting, but also quite stressful. How do you deal with that?
Leonie: It is, but when the goal is in sight, I do everything I can to achieve it.
Jule: What are your options after you finish studying? What are your career prospects? 
LeonieI’ll graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration. Obviously I would like to stay at MUSTANG so I can see my career opportunities there through. My training at MUSTANG is very product-oriented. I only work in departments that are related to the product – departments such as retail, sales, marketing and purchasing. I can see myself in sales in the future. There is a world of possibilities in sales. I could support different stores and outlets as a field representative or sell collections to retailers as a brand representative.

Jule: What brought you to MUSTANG? 
LeonieI came across MUSTANG on the DHBW Heilbronn website and saw that it was a partner company. After doing a bit of research on the brand, I could really see myself working for it. Then I just applied and was invited for an interview shortly after that. The interview was casual and they made me feel very welcome. It didn’t take long to realise that MUSTANG was the right partner for me. 
With a bit of luck and, of course, savvy (laughs), I was able to convince MUSTANG I was the right person for the job. I’m very happy to be part of the MUSTANG family. 
JuleHave you always wanted to work in the fashion industry?
Leonie: Yes, I think it’s in my genes!
JuleYou only started studying last year. What are your impressions of MUSTANG and how are you liking it so far?
LeonieThat’s right. I’ve been here for just under four months and can say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve experienced so far. All of these experiences have confirmed my initial hunch that MUSTANG was the right company for me.The entire team really took me under their wing and the friendly atmosphere made me feel welcome right away.

JuleWhat has been your biggest highlight so far?
LeonieMy biggest highlight so far was the collection training for our store employees, which I was able to attend. The denim training in particular, where we talked about washes, materials and production processes, was really interesting.
JuleWhat do you hope your training at MUSTANG holds in store for you?
LeonieI hope to be given exciting tasks that encourage me to be creative and I’m looking forward to working on something as a team.
JuleHow would you describe MUSTANG in three words?
Leonie: MUSTANG is a great brand that can hardly be described in three words.
JuleWhat is your favourite pair of MUSTANG jeans to wear, and why?
Leonie:The Jasmin Jeggins are my favourite MUSTANG jeans. They’re very comfortable and they have a modern fit that allows them to be combined with anything. They’re my daily companion.

Jule:What role do jeans play in your wardrobe?
LeonieThe most important role – I wear my cherished jeans every day!
Jule:What is a must-have for every denim lover’s wardrobe come spring?
LeonieYou have to have at least one denim jacket in your wardrobe in spring.
Jule: How would you describe your own style?
Leonie: I’m definitely a jeans type of person and, depending on the occasion, I can be either elegant or edgy. A romantic look suits me also.
JuleWhat inspires you? What role do social media and fashion blogs play for you?
LeonieA big one! I gather inspiration for fashion and styling from the Internet and other media platforms.
JuleWhat is the significance of fashion for you personally?
LeonieFashion lets you express your personality and communicate your emotions externally. The right outfit will make you fit in at various occasions. Fashion is a game of creativity. And as the saying goes: “clothes make the man”.
JuleIn one word: for me jeans are ...
Leonie... not just clothing, but an expression of my personality.