Too tight, too tapered, too baggy, too long, too short - in one place it tweaks and in the other place winkles are formed… Finding the right jeans is often a big challenge. 

In this blog post we have prepared some tips for you. We will show you how to find the right jeans by applying the following 3 steps.

Step 1

Clench your fist and put your forearm up to the elbow in the waistband of the jeans.

Step 2

Lay the trousers around your neck. If it fits well and is not too tight or too wide, the pants will fit you as well.

Step 3

Hold the pants by the hem and pull your arms apart. 

If the jeans is under your chin, the length of it will be perfect for you.

The result

The jeans fits perfectly without having tried them before. If you follow the order of these steps you will find the optimally sitting jeans without having to spend many hours in dressing rooms. 

We wish you a lot of fun!