It is certainly no coincidence that the cities of Paris, London, Milan and New York are considered metropolises for fashion. Many fashionistas around the world visit these cities every year to get inspired by the fashion show as well as by the street styles. We do not want to award the title “Fashion Metropolis” to any of these cities, but within this article we really want to draw your attention to another city.

Do you know that none of the above-mentioned cities is called “epicenter of jeans”? You are wondering what city is being addressed here? We are talking about the Dutch capital Amsterdam, where, for example, the Denim Days take place annually. This event is not only an absolute MUST for all indigo fans, but in the form of the so-called High End Fabric Fair, it offers a lot of space for the exchange of innovations and ideas among the important textile companies’ worldwide. Amsterdam has the highest density of jeans brands in the world.

This jeans boom is due to the 1990s, when many denim-brands settle down in the capital of Holland. Do you think this happened as though by chance? Barely not. Amsterdam is considered an adventurous, lively, casual, unparalleled and individual city and thus fulfills the same characteristics as the favorite clothing of the Europeans. Other aspects, such as the manageable size, the location and the tax policy, also contribute, that many creative ideas in the jeans market are arouse and created in Amsterdam. To ensure that the city is able to maintain the title of the jeans capital, the denim developer at the House of Denim study at the ROC Amsterdam School of Denim and are being trained for a career in the jeans industry. For more information, please visit the following website

One thing is certain: The best thing to do in the Dutch capital is jeans. Authentic denim styles and shapes are available at MUSTANG im Online Shop.