Think outside the box, be your own designer and create this unique and stylish laced denim choker by following these steps:

All you need is a piece of denim, strings, chalk, a pair of scissors, a hammer and metal eyelets, which you can find in your nearest corner shop.

Step 1

Decide on the breadth of your denim choker and mark the ends with the chalk.

Step 2

Cut out a piece of denim out of your old jeans.

Step 3

We decided to go on a more vintage look so we frazzled the cut surfaces.

Step 4

Measure your neck circumference ...

Step 5

… mark the ends with the chalk …

Step 6

… and cut along the marked line.

Step 7

For the next step the metal eyelets need to affix to the denim choker. We found the instructions on the back of the package, which can be summarized in the following pictures: What you need is a hammer, the denim choker and the tools, which come with the metal eyelets set. Stick the eyelet through the whole and place it with the bottom side into the ring. Place the blank ring over the eyelet. Use a hammer and press the parts together.

Step 8

Last but not least thread the string into the eyelets

The result

Your self-made denim choker is ready to add a little denim-style to your outfits. Combine it with a cute top or even a simple and elegant dress and get used to be an eye catcher. 

We wish you lots of fun!