Step 1

All you need is a fad trimmer, scissors, sandpaper and a MUSTANG jeans jacket.

Step 2

Cut along the edge of your thumb and remove the collar from the jacket.

Step 3

You have to invest a lot of strength to create the authentic destroyed look. Take a piece of sandpaper and go back and forth along the cut surface of the collar …

Step 4

… additionally you can help here and there with the scissors to destroy the jacket.

Step 5

Take the sandpaper and work on it with other parts of the jacket.

Step 6

Cut above your thumb along the ends of the jacket sleeve and remove the flap of the breast pocket …

Step 7

… also work these ends with the sandpaper until the desired destroyed look is created.

The result

Your individually destroyed jeans jacket is now ready to be combined with a cool t-shirt or sweater. You will definitely be convinced with coolness by wearing the jacket.

We wish you lots of fun destroying and wearing your jacket.