Step 1

If you fancy giving your jeans raw edges for a striking, individual look, you’ll need scissors, a ruler, a pen and some sandpaper – and your jeans, of course!

Step 2

Lay your jeans out flat on a table and mark the level at which you want to cut them off by making two dots at the edges of each trouser leg. To make sure that you get it right, you might find it helpful to slip on your jeans for a moment and make the marks while wearing them.

Now join the points with a line. You can use your ruler for this.

Step 3

This is where the scissors come into play: cut your jeans along the lines that you’ve drawn. You could also use the cut-off part of the jeans to make yourself a denim choker. For a how-to guide, look here.

Step 4

Now pull out individual threads with your fingers.

Step 5

To give the hems of your jeans the final rock-chick touch, rub over the the raw edges with sandpaper. This will make them all the more striking. For a natural look, you could also bundle together the bottom part of the jeans leg and rub the edges together.

Step 6

Voilà – your very own customised fringed jeans! 

If you fancy making even more changes to really put your own style stamp on them, just follow the rest of our instructions for an extreme fringed look:

Step 7

For the following steps, you can either take the jeans that you have already customised or use a new pair of jeans. Before you cut into your jeans, once again use a pen or piece of chalk to mark the level at which you want the fringing to begin. Now make dots of about one centimetre apart across the jeans at the chosen level.

Step 8

Start cutting vertically from the hem up to the marked points. If you want to get a really accurate finish, draw in lines. As you’re going for a casual, cool look, it’s fine for it to be a little bit askew.

Step 9

This is what it should look like at this point.

Now tie a knot at the upper end of every single fringe.

For a really striking distressed style, you could also go over the fringing with sandpaper, cut the fringes narrower, or see what other ways you can think of to give it the look you want. Let your inner stylist loose!

We hope that we’ve inspired you and look forward to seeing what you come up with! Tag us on a picture of your customised fringed jeans and use the hashtag #DIYwithMUSTANG

We hope you have fun having a go and look forward to seeing the results!

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