Spring is just around the corner. The first rays of sunshine, ice cream and crocus flowers blooming are getting us excited about summer. In joyful anticipation of our favorite season, we start pulling our pretty flowered skirts and checked blouses out from the depths of our closets and ban all the wintery gray and black from our daily wardrobe. When we’ve sorted out the dark pieces, we’re shocked to see that there isn’t much left to wear. But to bring a bit of springtime magic in our wardrobe without going broke, we decided to get creative with DIY. This time, we’ll show you how to easily pep up your solid-colored jeans with colorful yarn.

Denim is perfect for all types of embroidery. We’ve selected our MUSTANG seventies shorts from the last Spring/Summer 2016 collection. You can also use a pair of jeans, jeans jacket or skirt. The other things you need are yarn in your favorite colors, a needle, fabric scissors and a piece of chalk.

Step 1

Draw any pattern on your jeans.

Step 2

Start embroidering along the drawn line.

This is done by pushing the needle through the fabric about 2 cm further along than the last stitch...

… and then pulling the needle with the yarn through it.

Now push the needle through the fabric from the front to the back at the end of the last stitch.

Repeat this process until you have arrived at the end of the chalk line.

Step 3

Select a second color and sew underneath the length of the embroidered line.

Now choose other yarns and keep repeating this process, …

… until you are happy with the result.

The Result

Designing your own custom jeans is fast and easy. The multi-colored embroidery is a real-eye-catcher and will accompany us throughout the summer months on many city trips and holidays. We hope that our do-it-yourself tutorial has inspired you to perk up your jeans with some color and wish you lots of fun with our embroidery instructions!