Jeans are generally seen as sturdy, durable and practically indestructible. Yet we need to treat our constant companions with care if we want them to retain their perfect fit for as long as possible. Find out how to care for them here.

Washing jeans is a whole science in itself. Experts recommend avoiding washing new jeans altogether for four to six months after buying them, so that they meld to the wearer’s shape and the material and colour don’t get damaged. Some even go so far as to suggest that you should never throw your jeans in the washing machine, but simply brush any dirt out of them. If that all sounds a bit too laissez-faire, then you’ll want to read our top jeans-care tips, put together by our denim specialist Guido:

Our expert advises only washing your jeans when it's absolutely necessary. In earlier times jeans were exclusively workwear, meaning that they were put to heavy use and got very soiled. Regular, thorough cleaning was required. Today, however, while jeans might be a much-loved staple for almost any occasion and lifestyle, they aren’t subjected to the kind of rigours once demanded of them by America’s gold-diggers. They won’t be so sweaty and dirty from one day’s wear in the office that they need to go straight in the wash.

Every time they are washed, the jeans come into contact with the appliance’s mechanisms, which put the denim under much more strain that day-to-day wear. If you do need to put your jeans in the wash, make sure that you always turn them inside out, as otherwise you run the risk that they’ll emerge with white streaks on them.

If you pre-wash your jeans, putting them on a spin cycle shouldn’t present any problems. However, it’s best to avoid drying them in the machine, as this can lead to shrinking or the appearance of white streaks. Guido recommends not using any fabric softeners; simply opt for a standard colour detergent. There are also special washing agents for denim, like MUSTANG’s own detergent. If you’re keen on getting your jeans really soft, then do try a fabric softener, but go easy: the synthetic fibres of stretch fabrics are easily damaged, so too much softening will ultimately result in you discarding them altogether. And then there’s just the question of temperature – 40°C is sufficient.

If you’re like me and particularly lazy when it comes to doing the laundry, I have a great tip that really works if you want to wear your favourite jeans again, even though they might not be smelling quite as fresh as you’d like: simply put your jeans in a bag and place them in the freezer compartment for a couple of hours. This works a treat and allows your jeans to be worn again without the aroma getting raised eyebrows from those around you.

Follow these tips, and we hope that you and your jeans will have a long and happy future together! ;-)

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