Being socially engaged is all about helping others, which in turn leads to feel good about yourself Talking about your involvement and thus encouraging and motivating others to be socially engaged means that you can have twice the impact. As trainees, we are delighted to get involved every year. We brainstormed who we could help and how we might give something back to society. There were lots of suggestions, but in the end we decided to opt for St Joseph’s Care Facility in Mulfingen.

This institution was founded back in 1854 as a children’s home. Today it is a place where children and young people can benefit from a whole host of social services relating to education, school and family life. Of course, the institution also deals with refugees. Foreign minors who have come to Germany alone receive help and support at St Joseph’s. In the first place, it helps them to wade through all of the paperwork and red tape that refugees have to tackle. Providing trauma therapy is another important part of the institution’s day-to-day work. Everyone involved has to take the long view. The aim is to create educational and professional prospects and to really integrate refugees from the outset so that they can live independently.

Us trainees have been involved in this very area, and we’ve really given it our all. Together with 30 young refugees, we built some comfy seating made of pallets for the inner courtyard. Everyone involved got to know each other beforehand in a series of relaxed games, so by the time we got down to work we had already broken the ice and no one felt any trepidation whatsoever. There was a lot of laughter, and instead of working in three groups as originally planned, everyone helped each other. This had a clear effect on the day’s work. Proud and happy, we made good use of the seating right away by holding a barbecue as soon as the task was finished.

Our efforts definitely paid off, and we’re already looking forward to our next social project. We would be even more excited if we inspired you with our work.

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