Below-zero temperatures, the aroma of cinnamon and cloves and seasonally decorated streets and houses send a clear signal: in a few weeks it will be time for us to gather together with our loved ones on Christmas Eve at a festively set table. For many people, this realization is quite stressful. Because in order to have a harmonious Christmas, the perfect gifts must be placed beneath the Christmas tree, right? We spoke with our colleagues and asked them about their favorite gift-giving ideas. Merry reading to all of you!


My gift tips for Christmas are a colorful mix of self-made items and personal tokens. This year I’ll be giving a CD with a collection of mutual favorite songs or vacation hits. In addition, I’ll be giving a voucher for the MUSTANG outlet in combination with a “shopping day”. A wonderful opportunity to redeem the MUSTANG voucher ;-). 


The Christmas season is a season of giving - and I like to give gifts where people spend time together. Depending on the budget and personal interests, there is an excellent selection of activities - especially online. Other gift tips are a brunch voucher, tickets for a concert, a movie at the cinema, tickets for a match from a favorite sports club or city trips to Prague, Paris or Berlin, which are inexpensive and easy to book online.


This year, in addition to the usual Christmas presents, I will be giving a self-filled Advent calendar. To fill it, I have purchased 24 smaller and somewhat bigger items like shower gel, tea, sweets and vouchers. I think that an Advent calendar lifts Christmas spirit and joyful anticipation and adds a bit of sweetness to each day of waiting. I was inspired by the DIY Advent calendar on the MUSTANG blog. 


Homemade is my motto for this holiday season, as I will be putting a hand-painted side table under the Christmas tree. You can find the raw materials for this in various DIY stores or in furniture shops. One or more lacquer paint colors or spray paints can be selected depending on personal style or the existing furnishings, then carefully mask the areas to be painted with tape and start applying the first coat of color. The hardest part about finishing the side table is to have enough patience, because each layer needs several hours before it is dry enough and ready for the next color. You only need minimal effort to make a unique and very creative present, which the recipient will surely love. :-) 


Every year on the 24th of December, I run around town like crazy and stand in line at the cash register forever, and always ask myself on the way back to my car: Why do I put myself through this year after year? Christmas doesn’t happen unexpectedly, you just have to start shopping early enough. And that’s exactly what I plan to do this year. I have sworn to pay attention when my loved ones gaze longingly into shop windows, talk about their must-haves over coffee or leave the magazine lying open on the table “accidentally” to the page with the picture of the stylish MUSTANG belt. A sweater here, a voucher there and Papa gets his favorite aftershave - like every year. Ultimately, gift-giving is really about giving thought to what others might like – and mainly to bring them joy.


A girlfriend got me involved in a so-called “Women’s Advent calendar”. This tradition creates lots of new present ideas (usually self-made) every year, which are not only limited to putting in an Advent calendar :-). The highlights are liqueurs, jams, key rings, candles and lanterns or heart-warming holiday stories, poems and pictures. I believe that it’s the little joys that make a big difference!


Have you also noticed that the actual meaning of Christmas is getting lost in the shuffle? I still believe in Christmas the way it was before it became so commercialized. That’s why my recommendation for Christmas giving is: Back to basics. Become more aware of how important time is and give it as a gift: time for yourself and time spent together with those dearest to you.


I like to put practical things under the tree at Christmas. And what does everyone need on every day of the year? Exactly – clothing to wear! That’s why I really like to give MUSTANG T-shirts and sweaters. People also love to receive self-made gifts. This could be, for example, pillows printed with photos from shared experiences and vacations.


I like to make my family happy with presents that allow us to spend time together and share experiences. For instance with a wellness voucher, concert tickets or a weekend in the mountains. Christmas is the celebration of love and this means bringing joy with meaningful little gifts, which is why I like to delight my neighbors with my homemade eggnog!


I’m involved in the world of stage design and costumes, which is why I like to give theater and musical tickets as presents. If you love theater, I can highly recommend that you come to Künzelsau to watch the play “Fear Eats the Soul”. This is a story about Emmi, who falls in love with Ali. Their love is threatened by the pressure of envy and lack of acceptance that they experience from the community they live in. This inspires Emmi and Ali to fight against all odds to uphold their love for each other.


Due to my job at MUSTANG , I am literally at the source and can supply myself, my family and friends with clothing. I actually no longer have to ask my loved ones what they wish for, because the answer is always either “Bring me another one of those pretty MUSTANG blouses.” or “I’d like the Oregon Tapered in 32/32 in a variety of washes, please!”. It can’t get any more specific than that. That’s why you can find me every year in a nearby MUSTANG outlet or store, so that I can bring truly meaningful and practical joy to my family and friends.


My gift idea is a Beauty Box, which has always been a big hit! I fill a box with items from the drugstore or perfumery that fit to the personality of the person who is receiving the gift.

Martina & Anka

We’ve noticed that vouchers are a big favorite and highly appreciated gift idea. These can be purchased, for instance, in every MUSTANG store or outlet and come with a practical gift can. The vouchers can also be personalized: For example with a photo puzzle. By making a collage from pictures of recent vacations, family celebrations or other activities and integrating the voucher code as a text field.