In early February, we packed our bags and headed to beautiful Berlin! This time our travel group included Ines, Jana and Jule, the brand new MUSTANG Fall/Winter Collection 2017, two suitcases full of shoes, clothes racks and cartons filled with various tools such as steamers, clothes hangers, etc.

This time we chose a very special location for our MUSTANG lookbook shooting and ended up high above the rooftops of the city on the Spree, at a very special location: the Pan Am Suite, located on the eighth floor of an apartment building. The interior design of the duplex apartment right next to the Zoo is straight out of the sixties. Maybe you know the name “Pan Am” from the film “Catch Me if You Can” starring Leonardo DiCaprio? While Leo pretends to be a Pan Am pilot, who jets around the world, the real pilots who worked for the airline founded back in 1927, stayed in this comfortable suite when they had layovers in Berlin. But where is the connection to our collection? The atmosphere of the suite fits perfectly to the no-frills coats, plaid shirts and overall dresses in retro style.

While our hair & make-up stylist made up the pretty faces for the winter look, the MUSTANG Team used the time to steam and sort the looks and then dressed the models in the appropriate outfits. Both the male model, Nils, as well as the only 16-year-old Alysha did a great job, so that after only twenty shots our photographer Max ecstatically announced, “We got it! Thank you! Next look!”.

In order to design our MUSTANG Lookbook as dynamic and exciting as possible and to use the entire two-floor suite, we changed the setting a couple of times. Of course that takes a bit of effort to rebuild the sets, connect the technical devices and reposition the lighting. But it was worth it – the photos are not only very atmospheric, but also very diverse. We can’t wait to see the finished pictures in our Lookbook and look forward to finally flipping through the pages. We would like to give you a sneak peek of some impressions and glimpses behind the scenes: