Immer schön flexibel


This isn’t just a maxim for everyday life - it also applies to our wardrobe. After all, a lot has changed over the years when it comes to jeans. MUSTANG has taken up this theme and is presenting its extra elastic jeans, true to the motto “be flexible”. They feel like athletic trousers without sacrificing any of their authentic denim look.

The keyword here is clear: comfort! Nobody needs stiff jeans that chafe the back of your knees. That’s why we have employed 'stretch' - our secret weapon. However, this term doesn’t come close to accurately describing our highly elastic supermaterials. The new generation of stretch materials offers an unprecedented level of comfort. This is due to the material which boasts an elasticity of 60 to 80 percent for enormous flexibility, as well as the newly developed yarn that always returns to its original form. These materials allow the jeans to retain their shape and fit, even after repeated wear. They provide the body with optimal support and definition without being restrictive. A pair of jeans which are as flexible as we are.