How we at MUSTANG take responsibility.

Fashion that looks good AND is sustainably produced doesn’t exist?! If that’s what you think, you should keep reading.

Because with the cool denims from the program “True denim for a better world”, you’re not only stylish, but you also contribute to environment protection. How does that work? It’s simple! The project started more than a year ago in January 2016, in collaboration with our longstanding partner MIC in Tunisia. For the production and finishing, we use an evaluation system developed by Jeanologia, the world’s leading company in the sustainable jeans production sector. By looking at our hangtags, you can see how sustainably your jeans have been produced at a glance. The evaluation system EIM (Environmental Impact Measuring) thereby accurately measures the water and energy consumption along with the use of chemicals during the jeans production. In addition, the health of the employees who are directly involved in the production is also continuously monitored.

Of course, the entire collection with the latest jeans is available in the online shop (to access the online shop click here: or here: Hurry if you want to get the last pieces from our SALE. And if you’d like more information about Jeanologia and their evaluation system, please check out their homepage