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True denim for true people.

True denim for true people.

The best you can be is – to be yourself. That's why we focus on a thoroughly honest denim philosophy in which genuineness and originality, as well as responsibility and sustainability, are at the forefront..

Our responsibility

We at MUSTANG consider our thoroughly honest denim philosophy as an entrepreneurial responsibility towards people and nature. That's why we are constantly working on our manufacturing to sustainably reduce harmful impacts on the environment and to provide everyone involved in making our clothes with a proper working environment and appropriate social standards..

MUSTANG manufactures in Turkey, various countries in North Africa and in Asia, where today the majority of global textile production is located. There, political and economic developments demand a growing degree of transparency from the entire industry, which means that credibly examining and interpreting the topic of sustainability from our side has become an important component of our entire corporate philosophy. At MUSTANG, we consider this sustainability management a way of continual improvement, whereby the high quality of the product always takes priority.

To be able to guarantee these requirements in every way, we at MUSTANG have all of the processes across the supply chain regularly checked – by ourselves, our agency in Hong Kong and other neutral companies. These checks include inspecting the general processing and quality requirements of processed materials as well as the prevailing working conditions. For example, the sandblasting process used in jeans production, which is often found to be harmful to health, is strictly prohibited in our procurement terms and conditions.

The people

I t is important to us at MUSTANG to create a general awareness of important social questions. We are strongly convinced that the people who manufacture our products are always treated in a respectful and dignified manner. That's why we focus on a fair and transparent social and personnel policy in every way and do not support child or forced labour..

To make sure that our suppliers and manufacturers support our requirements, they are subject to regular inspections and spot checks. This allows us at MUSTANG as a socially active employer to guarantee the adherence to these rules within the supply chain to the greatest possible extent. Unfortunately, media coverage is not always representative of the objective working conditions in individual countries.

This is why MUSTANG is a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). The focus of this global initiative is on improving working conditions in the supply chains of its members. With this in mind, we at MUSTANG also work on implementing the jointly-developed BSCI code of conduct, which is currently being expanded. The BSCI code of conduct is based on the following internationally recognised guidelines and was newly revised and integrated into our terms and conditions at the beginning of 2014 in order to ensure that our suppliers uphold the code:

By implementing this code, we are taking a clear and binding stance against child labour at all production sites in our supply chain. The code of conduct can be viewed at: Code of Conduct

Independent civil organisations such as NGOs and unions are also working on the development of the code and, above all, the certification process in production plants in the respective countries. The production plants are listed by the BSCI and regular audits are carried out to ensure the code of conduct is being adhered to. Our selection of suppliers means that today we already exceed the number of suppliers listed as "good", as required by the BSCI. We have listed all of our suppliers on the BSCI platform.

Our obligation

We actively support the vision and corresponding mission of the BSCI:

  • BSCI has the vision of a world of free trade and sustainable global supply chains. BSCI strives to create global supply chains with factories and farms in line with the national laws and ILO conventions.
  • BSCI is an initiative for companies, supported by business, that strives to improve working conditions in factories and on farms around the world.

With our cooperation and joint approach, MUSTANG has more influence in improving working conditions as a member of the BSCI. The spirit of cooperation is also crucial in the relationship between companies and affected stakeholders.

A significant goal of the BSCI is to enable members like MUSTANG and its business partners to develop their supply chains in such a way as to comply with human and labour rights. Developing internal management systems plays an important role in making the BSCI principles into a central part of corporate cultures.

As a BSCI member, we implement the BSCI code of conduct step by step. BSCI members expect their business partners to guarantee the continual improvement of working conditions in their companies. Therefore, we at MUSTANG compel our business partners to trade responsibly by

Embracing all sensible and appropriate measures to implement the code of conduct

Exchanging information to recognise every challenge that requires action in due time

Working to find out more information about the actual causes

Taking real steps to inform employees of their rights and duties

Building up competency amongst employers, managers, employees and employee representatives to guarantee the further education and professional training on all working levels, especially relating to safety at work and health protection

Establishing or participating in a complaints mechanism at a plant level for individuals and unions

We at MUSTANG commit ourselves to,

end any business or contracts if a business partner does not adhere to the BSCI code of conduct. This is seen as a last resort. However, this may be required if a business partner is not able to do business in compliance with the code of conduct or if they are not prepared to embrace the actions required to fulfil the requirements.

Defining management methods that include the employer and their representatives in exchanging information about questions concerning the workplace.

Our environment

Every MUSTANG product passes through numerous quality checks from the production phase through to delivery to the customer. In addition to checking the general processing and fit, the checks include inspecting the quality requirements and processed materials. MUSTANG products are durable thanks to the quality assurance carried out and the high quality of the products: We place high demands on our quality standards, from cotton production to the later disposal of the product by the end customer, which makes a fundamental contribution to environmental protection.

With our conditions of purchase and our obligation to the BSCI code of conduct, MUSTANG is strictly bound to fulfil relevant country-specific environmental protection laws. However, sometimes the local guidelines are not sufficient to guarantee the protection of the environment and the climate. That's why we follow the principle of flying our products to Germany only in exceptional cases, which means we calculate delivery dates based on marine transport. We also produce more than 60% of our jeans close to Europe to avoid long and environmentally harmful transport routes.

To attain a holistic and responsible approach towards the environment and our natural resources, we at MUSTANG want to ensure that substances which are clearly or presumably harmful or burdensome to the environment are not used in our production processes, so we do not use artificial resins in our washing development process with products and we ensure that our suppliers do the same. We also refrain from using dangerous azo dyes and strictly adhere to the German Textile Labelling Act.

Furthermore, we have developed a comprehensive requirement profile with Hansecontrol to be able to guarantee a forward-looking high standard for avoiding harmful substances and safety and for adhering to all legal provisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are MUSTANG products manufactured?
At MUSTANG our products are manufactured in countries in North Africa as well as in Turkey and Asia. When choosing our suppliers, the mutual understanding of quality is always at the forefront. We are very aware of the responsibility we have towards our customers as well as within the underlying supply chain.
What are the working conditions at the factories like?
When selecting our manufacturers, we proceed with extreme diligence and in this regard can ensure that the underlying guidelines and standards stated by us (code of conduct) are inspected regularly. These verified policies eliminate forced and child labour, amongst other things. Working conditions are of course inspected as part of regularly conducted audits by our own or third-party technicians or agencies.
To what extent does MUSTANG ensure social and environmental responsibility?
When choosing our suppliers and factories, we at MUSTANG put great value on complying with current and additional environmental standards. This is why our products meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, for example. The independent inspection and certification system for harmful substances covers legally banned and legally regulated substances, chemicals that raise health concerns and parameters for health care. These requirements far exceed the existing national laws. Of course, we here at MUSTANG also ban the sandblasting method and we specify the chemicals to be used according to legal guidelines (OEKO-TEX®, REACh etc.).
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