Our mission

At MUSTANG, our denim philosophy includes our corporate responsibility towards people and nature. That is why we work to make our processes sustainable and environmentally friendly, and to ensure that everyone involved in our manufacturing has a safe and respectful place to work in.

Like a large part of the textile industry, we work with producers in Turkey, North Africa and Asia. Political and economic developments in these regions demand greater transparency from the entire industry. That is why we openly and honestly talk about sustainability as an important part of our corporate philosophy. For us at MUSTANG, sustainability management means constantly improving while maintaining our focus on quality.

To make sure we meet these stringent standards, we regularly monitor every step of the value chain together with our agency in Hong Kong and other impartial companies. We check for good workmanship, high quality materials, and acceptable working conditions. For example, we don’t allow sandblasting in the manufacturing of our jeans, as it can be extremely damaging to workers’ health.

Our understanding

It is important for us at MUSTANG to spread the word about these important social issues.

Our solution

To ensure that our suppliers and producers meet our requirements, we conduct regular inspections and spot checks. This allows us at MUSTANG, as a socially committed employer, to ensure compliance right along the supply chain. Unfortunately, media reports are not always representative of objective working conditions in different countries.

That is why MUSTANG is a member of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). This initiative works around the world to improve working conditions in its members’ supply chains. We at MUSTANG are also working to implement the BSCI Code of Conduct, a joint effort that is being constantly updated. (Click here to read.) It is based on internationally recognized guidelines.

The implementation of this code sends a strong and clear signal that we are against child labor at any production site in our supply chain.

Independent civil organizations such as NGOs and trade unions in the individual countries are involved in the creation of this code and, above all, in the certification process at the production sites. The production sites are listed with BSCI and regularly audited to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct. Our selection of suppliers has already exceeded the number of “good” rated suppliers that is required by BSCI. All our suppliers are listed on the BSCI platform.

Our commitments

We at MUSTANG are committed to

  • Actively supporting the vision and mission of BSCI and promoting a world of free trade and sustainable global supply chains.
  • Terminating business or contracts when a business partner does not implement the BSCI Code of Conduct.
Our environment
Consistent quality

Every MUSTANG product undergoes numerous quality controls from the first step in manufacturing to the moment it reaches you, the customer.

In addition to checking the general workmanship and fit, we make sure the materials meet our quality requirements. That’s why MUSTANG products are so long-lasting: From planting cotton to eventually disposing of a well-loved garment, we expect nothing but the highest quality and make a fundamental contribution to protecting the environment.

For a holistic and responsible approach to the environment and our natural resources, we at MUSTANG want to ensure that we do not use materials that are clearly or even potentially harmful or damaging to the environment. For example, we work with products without synthetic resins in our wash development process and make sure that our suppliers do the same. Likewise, we refrain from using hazardous azo dyes and strictly adhere to the German Textile Labeling Act.

In accordance with the general terms and conditions that apply to our work with business partners in different countries, we at MUSTANG enforce all legally binding regulations and standards.